Class & Collective Action

Class Action and Collective Action

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A class action is a suit that is brought by one person or a small number of people on behalf of a much larger group who are all in the same situation. Without class actions, wrongdoers would be able to do enormous harm, reaping millions of dollars in illegal profit by cheating tens of thousands of people a few dollars at a time.  Through a class action courts are able to address thousands of separate individuals’ claims in one case. It is only through a class action that those who are cheated in a massive stock fraud, Ponzi scheme or consumer fraud are able to band together and bring a lawsuit to fight for their shared interest. Those who commit such frauds and create such schemes know it is far too expensive for one person group of people to bring their own individual action when the loss is small. In class actions, a person with a small loss is able to bring a claim on behalf of everyone in the same situation. It is only through a class action that legal action can be taken in order to hold wrongdoers responsible and recover damages that compensate those who were mistreated.

A collective action describes a particular type of action that may be brought under the Fair Labor Standard Act by a group of employees and former employees for unpaid wages.  We have handled a number of collective actions.

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The Role of The Lead Plaintiff  

The lead plaintiff, who frequently is the person who files the action, is appointed by the court to act as the representative of the class. The lead plaintiff will consult with the attorneys for the class to steer the course of the litigation for the benefit of the whole class. The lead plaintiff, as the class representative, will monitor the litigation, conferring with attorneys, attending meetings, conferences and depositions, and appearing at trial.

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Cohn Lifland is one of the few firms in New Jersey that is active in the practice of representing people in class actions. We have been involved in class action litigation for almost 40 years. Over the course of those 40 years, we have participated as counsel in class actions that have recovered billions of dollars for members of the classes. We have represented plaintiffs in shareholder claims, price fixing antitrust claims and all manners of consumer claims, as well as in other areas. Over the course of that time, we have helped hundreds of thousands of people across the nation. If you have a question or think that perhaps you have a claim that might be suitable for a class action, don’t hesitate to contact Cohn Lifland today.


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