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JudgeHelping New Jersey Clients Achieve Expungement After Arrests

A record of arrest or conviction can haunt a person forever.  Applications for schools, jobs and housing often ask if an applicant has a criminal record.  Many people can solve this problem if they are eligible to clear (expunge) their criminal record.

New Jersey law provides a limited right to expungement.  The primary purpose of New Jersey’s expungement law is to provide a fresh start to those who have one or very few convictions.  The law also provides for the removal of records of arrests where the arrest did not end in a conviction.

The law carefully defines who is eligible to expunge a criminal record.  An eligible person must prepare a Petition for Expungement and file it in the Superior Court in the county where the arrest or prosecution took place.

A judge then decides whether to issue an Expungement Order.  An Expungement Order means that, with some exceptions, the criminal proceedings never happened.  It allows the person to fill out school, job and housing applications truthfully without having to reveal that he or she was once arrested or convicted.

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