Workplace Injuries

Workplace Injuries

shutterstock_160766576Protecting the Livelihood of New Jersey Victims of Workplace Injuries

New Jersey workers face various demands and risks while on the job.  Some jobs are dangerous, others less so.  Injuries sustained during work can cause physical and financial burdens that can impact one’s life and livelihood. If you are hurt on the job, you may be able to recover damages for pain and suffering, medical treatment and lost wages. Workers’ compensation insurance protects workers who are hurt while working. In some cases, a third party may be further responsible for your injuries caused by their neglect. If you have been injured on the job, contact Cohn Lifland to protect your future from the unforeseen financial burdens of a workplace injury.

Workers’ Compensation

In situations where an employee is injured on the job, workers’ compensation insurance provides financial support and medical care for the employee. Workers’ compensation protects employees. If an employee is hurt on the job, they are compensated by their employer’s workers’ compensation insurance.  An employee need not prove that their employer was negligent to receive benefits.  Simply, worker’s compensation provides benefits to employees regardless of fault. Generally, medical expenses and a percentage of lost earnings are paid if the injury was work- related. In the case of a dispute, a workers’ compensation law judge will decide the matter.

Third-party Lawsuits and Liens

Sometimes, a workplace accident occurs due to a third party’s negligence.   For example, suppose you are in an auto accident which occurs while you are working.  You may have a valid lawsuit against the owner/operator of the other vehicle even though you are collecting workers’ compensation benefits.  If you recover damages from a third party, you will most likely have to reimburse your employer or its workers’ compensation insurance carrier for the financial benefits that you received.  You are receiving benefits from your employer regardless of fault.  By law, your employer is entitled to reimbursement from your third party action.  That is called a workers’ compensation lien.

Contact Cohn Lifland

Workplace injury laws are complicated.  Cohn Lifland has protected workers’ rights for many years. Our established workplace injury litigation team works tirelessly to help clients recover damages from a workplace accident. Our dedicated attorneys are ready to guide you through your options and ease the financial stress through all legal means while you recover. Contact Cohn Lifland today.


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